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Animals Puzzle for Kids is a Puzzle Game for children who are interesting and fun. This game can train children to think in solving a problem. In this Puzzle Game, there are several kinds of animal that can be chosen by the children, for e.g. duck, chicken, rhino, goose, bear, etc,. Watch them learn all the names of animals through fun and play. Animals Puzzle for Kids works almost like real jigsaw puzzles for kids. Once you pick a piece of puzzle it stays on the board even if you place it incorrectly, and you can nudge pieces around until it snaps to the right place. A pleasant sound will encourage and praise your kids and motivate them to continue to build their memory, vocabulary, and skills. The game is enriched with pronunciations, sounds and interactivity for repeat playing & learning.This Puzzle Game is suitable to train children and kids to think. There are two languages in this game, english and indonesia.🌟FEATURES🌟🐱Easy navigation between puzzles🐹Easy movement of puzzle🐻High-quality graphic and images🦊Drag and drop puzzle animations🐯Friendly background music🐼Multi language🦁Cute cartoon animals illustrations🐧Simple and intuitive child-friendly interfaceFeedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the apps and games, please leave us a message at [email protected] Kreatif

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Android 2.3.4+
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