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This is a caring and responsible game in which girls can play the role of mother and sister to take care of children. The boy can also play the role of father and brother to take care of the children. Through the game, girls and boys can learn to take care of the children and understand the hard work of the mother.Children need to feed, care, bathe, play, listen to music, and play games with him.feature:• Nursing: Children love toys! When changing diapers, use toys such as foam toys, snoring or cute puppies to entertain. Don't forget to choose a cute pacifier to feed your baby!• Game Room: Enjoy a hot air balloon ride, an ostrich run and a bird jump.• Feeding: You can feed your child with apples, milk, porridge, sandwiches, etc. Remember to wipe your baby's mouth after feeding.• Entertainment: You can play drums, balls, rattles and other toys with your child.• Bathing: Remember to bathe your child regularly so that your child is happy.

BabyColor Game
Android 4.0.3+
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