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Search for “Baby Tailor” for more free tailor’s series of game for you to enjoy!

Clothes shop for jungle animals is open. Monkey, rabbit, deer and panda are waiting for making beautiful clothes. Talk to your clients, understand their requirements and then design special clothes for them. Draw your design on the cloth, cut the clothes and sew them by using sewing machine. Decorate your masterpiece with colorful accessories. Experience the fun of managing your own clothes shop.


🌸Different animals as your customer: rabbit🐰, deer🦌, panda🐼, monkey🐵 and sheep🐑

🌸Tons of colorful

cloths and styles

to choose from

🌸Experience the fun of

designing and making


🌸Follow the instruction and you can be a

tailor master



Decorate your shop

in the way you like

Want to be a great tailor and make beautiful clothes for animals? Come to download this game!

Tap Happy
Android 4.4+
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