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General Function: The registered business can hit the panic button in case of an emergency and the system will send the alert by WIFI or by regular 4G or 3G to the police or authority. The alert will be received it by the authority in an instant. The alert that has been generated by the user will be received by the authority or police with the following content: a) Business name b) Address or the business c) Contact´s name and phone number d) Alert number or incident e) Time and date of reception of alert. Access: This virtual tool will be free to download:User´s registration: The user and business can have the benefit to use this virtual tool only if the administrator gives them access or password to use it. This will only happen after sending the basic information of the business (address, phone number, contact´s name etc).Most important benefits:1.- Direct communication and immediate contact and response between the business and the police or authority. 2.- Considerable reduction of time of response because the business will not use the phone. Only the app to contact the police in an efficient and faster way. 3.- State and local security will be strengthen by using this tool.

Operadora Tecnologica del Noroeste
Android 2.2+
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