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"Keep your device safe from lurking viruses!

Free anti-virus app without any ads!

[New features]

The new and improved LINE Antivirus 2.0 is here.

Enjoy safe and secure internet on your device with better virus scan quality, safe browsing, and Wi-Fi scanning.

[Key features]

- App scan

Check for harmful apps and malware

in your storage with a full in-depth scan.

- Optimization

Delete unnecessary data for a faster and cleaner device.

- Safe browsing

Scan websites automatically and get real-time

warnings when you visit harmful websites.

- Wi-Fi scanning

Check info on nearby Wi-Fi networks and get warnings

when connecting to dangerous locations.

- Delete files securely

Delete your files permanently to keep your personal information safe even if your phone is lost or replaced.

- Manage apps

Organize your old apps quickly and easily.

- Find apps accessing your personal information

Easily track what information your apps are accessing, such as contact information, location information, calling history, and more.

[Useful features]

- Widgets and shortcuts

Quick access to features via widgets and shortcuts in the notifications bar.

- Real-time monitoring

Actively monitor your device and get notifications when a malicious app is installed.

- Scheduled scan

Set up personalized schedules to automatically scan your device.

About access permissions

[Required permission]

- Internet access: Needed to scan for malicious code in the cloud and update offline engines.

[Optional permissions]

- Storage: To scan for malicious code in storage when running a detailed scan.

- Location: To scan nearby Wi-Fi networks.

- Accessibility: To scan websites when safe browsing.

- Display over other apps: To notify you when danger is detected while safe browsing.

(You can use LINE Antivirus without allowing optional permissions, but some features may be unavailable.)"

LINE Corporation
Android 4.0.3+
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