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🌺Do you need a vibration app or a vibrating massage simulator? Trouble to fall asleep? Snoring partner?

This app is for you!

This is a simulated vibrating app. It uses the phone's vibration function to simulate a massage machine. You can also relax and sleep with natural sounds, meditation sound, white noise and much more. It is very simple, easy to use with nice user interface.

💘 Some of the great features:

- Vibrating with 4 modes

- Free sleep app with nature sounds and white noise such as: rain sound, thunder sound, sea waves sound, bird singing and much more...

- The sound player with timer can work as sleep helper app

- High quality soothing sounds

- Simple and beautiful design

- Timer - so the app turns off automatically

- Works offline (No internet connection needed)


- The strength of the vibration depends on the hardware on your device

- Adjust the volume to suit your preferences

- Vibration app massager use for relaxing only

🎁 Hope you enjoy vibration app massager. We thank you for reviews or comments. Share with your friends this vibrate app if you like this app.

Vtro Studio
Android 4.4+
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