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The world’s most popular football game is now available for android. Football Legends 2016 allows you to compete with players all across the globe from those who are die-hard football fans to those who are just looking to have a fun competitive game on their mobile device.Unlock New Abilities!This just isn’t your ordinary point and shoot football game Football Legends takes the word legend to another meaning by giving your player the ability use various attacks and specials to fight. Want to use a flaming fist against your opponent to daze them? Go right on ahead, in fact, we encourage it! You have your choice of up to 8 different abilities so choose wisely and make sure to time your abilities!20 Different TeamsYou can play for over 20 different football teams from around the world to show that your favorite team is the best and if they don’t agree remember that there are 8 different special abilities to knock somesense into them!

4.1 and up
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