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Wordie is the new and exciting brain exercising game!Find the word in a sea of random characters, but you only know the description of the word. Work out the description, find the word!Wordie takes the best of word search and crossword games and puts them in one, making the combination of the two into a killer brain exercise. Working out the word from the definition is the first step to finding the word. The next step is... find it!You are shown the definition of the word you're supposed to find, like a crossword, and then you have to find the word in a grid of letters, like a word search.You can see how this is taking your brain exercises to the next step...If a word is doing your head in, you can skip it if you really want to, you're not held back!Use it as your daily brain exercise to get your brain going, and realise what words you'll start using more and more as a result!

Android 4.1+
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