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Zombie Hunter Game is a simple, relaxing and addictive puzzle game to Challenge Your Brain.With the use of this game you can enhance your logical thinking & observation skills.Your duty in this addictive puzzle game is to kill the zombies. Just try to remove a couple of obstacles and you will surely succeed. The higher levels you pass, the harder it becomes. Do you dare to join and finish all the levels? Install and challenge yourself with this casual game now.== How to play ==– Touch to remove wooden objects or activate switch button in the game– Your mission is to kill all zombies– Removable objects include wooden bars and cubic boxes, bombs…– Trigger the red button to move the skateboard with a zombie on it– Trigger another red button to throw a punch at the zombie or the obstacles– You can cut the rope too!Features– Funny and challenging at the same time – Support English and Vietnamese– Over 90 levels– New objects on new Land– and Free to playIt is fun playing with your co-workers. Great game and you will be enjoying each level. While playing you will also learn. Fun and Enjoyable time killer. It's improve your logical skill. Very nice and thinkable game.

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Android 4.1+
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